Naya Beat Vol. I


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Naya Beat Vol. I︎

South Asian dance and electronic music rarities handpicked, remastered and occasionally reworked. Featuring overlooked future classics from India, Pakistan, the U.K., Canada, Guyana and Suriname released between 1983 and 1992. Naya Beat Records is proud to present its first in a series of compilations and full-length album reissues dedicated to uncovering hidden electronic and dance music gems from the overlooked ‘80s and ‘90s South Asian music scene.


The Carvery (UK)
(Vinyl Mastering)

Filip Nikolic and Raghav Mani
(A&R and Executive Producers)

Roohan Segel

Radha Vishnubhotla & Virgile Raffaelli (Outer Layout & Inner Gatefold)