Radha Vishnubhotla is a multi-disciplinary artist and first-gen Indian-American based in Los Angeles. Her creative inspiration stems from her cultural roots, spiritual background, love for nature, and deep passion for music. Growing up she spent much of her time learning about painting, illustration, and photography before going on to receive her BA in Animation & Digital Arts at USC. Radha spent several years working in the live music sector as a designer & marketer, eventually becoming the Art Director for Spaceland Presents (Live Nation). She now leads her own independent design studio, creating bespoke projects for a multitude of clients.

In 2018 Radha co-founded mmarz, an open-format online mix series featuring DJs both near and far. In late 2019 she began her monthly residency ‘Sacred Space’ on NTS Radio, which explores a calm, international soundscape of folk, jazz, ambient & electronic music. In 2020, she and her brother Bharat launched the beverage company Bala Chai, offering a modern take on the chai from their youth. Currently she is the in-house designer for In Sheep’s Clothing Hi-Fi.

She uses each of these avenues to share the stories and cultural traditions that matter most to her. Radha is proud to be a part of the diverse creative community in LA and strives to inspire and collaborate with others through her art practices.

ig: @radha.v


Art Direction
Graphic Design
Logo Design
Package Design
Treatments / Decks 
Website Design