No Separate Survival



No Separate Survival︎

NO SEPARATE SURVIVAL is a live-action and animation documentary film co-produced with asylum-seekers on both sides of the California/Mexico border as they reckon with trauma, loss and hope. In dialogue with grassroots activist voices, they shed light on urgent social issues inseparable from forced migration: war, poverty, colonialism, police violence, femicide, LGBTQ freedom, and land and labor rights.

Built into our film project are new models for digital arts workshops for displaced migrants in Baja, Southern and Northern California, coupled with access to mental health services. We believe in the proven power of giving asylum-seekers control of their narratives, and in building space for healing through creative multi-media and artistic expression.


Shabnam Piryaei (Director & Producer)
Gabriel Rivera (Producer)
Kiazad Ehya (Cinematographer)
Dario Valles (Associate Producer)

Trailer to “No Separate Survival